Community Consulting: the key to the effective management of your community

Resortalia offers you an integral service of a quality community consulting managed by a large and consolidated firm like ours, capable of managing a global community management. In Resortalia we are experts in a good and lasting management of your community and we respond with immediacy to any unforeseen event or difficulty that arises and where it is necessary to have an expert next to us.

Resortalia: a comprehensive service for a global and personalized  management firm from less to more.

Resortalia and the Community Consulting services that we can provide in a timely manner

  • In Resortalia we offer you a Cost Reduction Analysis (ERA): the high quality of our services can help you to reduce the costs of your community considerably while always maintaining the level of service.
  • Audit of Accounts: Resortalia has official auditors registered in the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC) with experience and expertise in the field of the Community of Owners, which may render an opinion on the accounts of your Community.
  • Arrears Collection: We know how to work with Communities that present a significant level of accounts in arrears, so if your Community is in this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are confident that our strategies including using extra-judicial and arbitral procedures will help reduce them significantly.
  • Financial Consulting: Problems with cash management, budgeting or accounting? We are specialists, let us help you.

  • Legal Consulting: We have a number of specialised Lawyers in Horizontal Property Act and the Community of Owners that are at you disposal. We can check on compliance of Community agreements and Statutes, advise on amendment of Statutes, claims for construction defects, summons, etc…
  • Web Consulting: We advise you on how to create a website that allows you to keep the neighbours informed, strengthen its social component, getting access to different documents, changes of the owners´ details, etc…
  • Registration of a Community: If your Community of Owners has not yet been registered, we will assist you during the registration process dealing with all necessary paperwork, writing and presenting the Statutes of the Community of Owners in the Register.