What is a Property Administrator?

The Registered Property Administrator is an independent professional, with an adequate academic background for the performance of their duties and that manages urban and rustic properties in a regular basis.

How is the Administrator elected?

The Administrator is elected by voting at the Annual General Meeting. The same person can be elected Administrator and Secretary of the Community of Owners.

Why is important that my Property Administrator is Registered?

The Registered Property Administrator must have a liability insurance that covers any liability incurred regarding his performance. The College will operate disciplinary action against him when the professional standards are not met.

Which are the Property Administrator responsibilities?

The main responsibilities are to manage and maintain the properties they administer, and are established in the Horizontal Property Act, clause 20.

  • Ensure the good working of the Property, its facilities and services, and do the appropriate warnings to the owners in a timely manner.
  • Prepare well in advance and submit to the Board the expense budget, proposing the necessary means to address them.
  • Address the conservation and entertainment of the Property, arranging repairs and urgent measures, giving immediate account to the President or, when appropriate, to the owners..
  • Execute the resolutions adopted regarding works in the Property and make the payments and charges as appropriate.
  • Act as Secretary of the Board whenever necessary and custody documentation, always keeping it available to the owners of the Property.
  • All the other responsibilities given at the General Meeting.

How much does the Property Administrator charge?

The Property Administrators should charge according to the fees established by the Property Administrators Association. When charging higher fees, they could be reported to the Association and the Administrator submitted to a disciplinary Committee.

Can the Administrator have other duties for the Community?

Yes, the Administrator can act according to the Community requirements if he has the resources to do so and are related to the property management, having into consideration that there could be additional fees for those services, such as translations, legal advice, website management, etc.