Who can be elected President?

The President must be elected among the owners that are up to date with their Community fees.

How is the President elected?

The President will be elected by majority at the Annual General Meeting at a democratic election.

What happens when there is not a candidate for President?

When there are no candidates for the Presidency and the previous President does not want to continue, the new President will be elected by one of the following methods: rotation or draw.

Does the President receive any payment?

The President does not get any payment for his services.

Which are the President’s duties and responsibilities?

The main duties of the President are as follows:

  • Implement the agreements approved at the Annual General Meeting of Owners.
  • Authorize any temporary or permanent activity for the Community common elements as mandatory.
  • Decide on the appropriateness of prosecution, administrative, contencious-administrative and all kinds, in the best interest of the Community, and to agree on the separation, settlement or withdrawal of proceedings.
  • Call, chair, cancel and close meetings of the Board of Owners.
  • To represent the Community and its governing bodies in court and out-of-court; empower lawyers and Attorneys for management and legal representation in the exercise of such representation.
  • Authorize the Minutes of the Meetings, certificates issued and any other document as required.

How do I communicate with the President?

Normally, you can communicate with the President through the Administrator who will be in contact with him at all times, even if they can be contacted by other means.

Why can I not have the contact details of my President?

Because of the Data Protection Act, we can not disclose this information. This is the reason why we ask you to contact the Administrator first.