What is the Owner’s Board? Which are the duties of the Owner’s Board?

The Board of Owners is the sovereign body of the Community and its duties are as follows:

  • Define, approve and modify the Statutes and internal rules.
  • Appoint and remove people who hold the Presidency, Administration and Secretary of the Community and to solve the claims that the owners make against them.
  • Approve the budget and the execution of repairs of the Property, whether ordinary or extraordinary.
  • To know and decide other matters of general interest for the community, taking the necessary or convenient measures for the best common service and interest, such as contracting new services and taking actions against those that do not act according the community rules.

How many General Meetings do take place? What is the difference between an Ordinary and an Extraordinary Meeting?

A General Meeting must be held, at least, once a year. An Ordinary Meeting must include in its agenda the approval of the budget and reconciliation and the appointment of President, Secretary and Administrator. An Extraordinary Meeting can be called for any other issue the owners consider must be discussed.

Who can call for a General Meeting?

The Meeting of Owners is to be called by the President or, when requested by a quarter of the total of owners or a number that represent, at least, the 25% of the participation quotas.

Who can participate and vote at the Meeting of Owners?

All owners can participate apart from the debtors, that will not have the right to vote until they get up to date with their community fees, even if they will have voice at the Meetings.

Do the owners have to attend the Meetings in person?

The owner can attend the meeting in person or can be legally represented, having to confirm this in writing.

What is a Proxy form?

It is a written authorization empowering another person to vote and act for the signer at the Meeting of Owners.

We are three co-owners of a property; can we all attend the Meeting?

No, just one of them can act as representative of the property having the right to act and vote at the Meeting.

Who writes the Minutes of the Meeting of Owners?

The content and wording of the Minute Books are the Secretary’s responsibility – The Administrator must custody them.